Modeling, Cutting, Production, Packaging, Shipment
Quality, Confidence and
Satisfaction Commitment

We have a flexible structure that allows us to respond effectively and rapidly to the needs and demands of our customers, starting from the development of collections to their productions.

We constantly research new raw materials, accessories and all kinds of processes to meet the standards of quality and innovation of our customers.

To do this we have a network of suppliers and other business partners with whom we work daily in order to be able to respond to the latest market trends.

We make garments in various knitted structures, such as jersey, pique, American fleece, Italian fleece, rib, interlock and other structures, with possible fabric applications and other materials.

According to the requirements of customers we treat the development of knitted fabrics with virtually any type of yarns/fibers: natural, artificial/regenerated and synthetic.

We strive for quality and execution speed, seeking to maintain a relationship of trust and commitment to our customers and business partners, aware that these are the fundamental values in activity that we develop.

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