Production Process
Production Process

Modeling and Samples
Basing on the ideas and/or requirements of our customers, expressed on paper or physical copies, we develop, in the first phase, prototypes for customer approval. At this stage we actively research at every moment the best materials on the market, in order to be able to offer the customer the best solution.

After approval of the prototypes, with the introduction of any rectifications that we requested, we present our samples to sellers.

In this sector we use software and Lectra brand tools.
Planning Orders
Upon receipt of orders we make the planning, both in terms of delivery times and the request of all the raw materials that make up the product, including fabrics and accessories as well as other finishes: embroidery, prints, and other applications.
Using the most advanced Lectra software, we seek to maximize the use of the grid, trying to reduce as much waste obtained from cutting as possible.

Since this is a key stage in the production process, we try it to be developed to the fullest extent, so that we can ensure that the end product meets the measures requirements and expected quality.
We have the experience and the know-how acquired by our employees for over more than 20 years of activity.

We have the machinery that allows the production of virtually every type of knitted garments, optionally with fabric applications and other types of material.

At this stage we make:
- Garments which raw material is dyed previously: dyed in yarn/knit.
- Garments dyed after being made: dyed in the piece, where a wide variety of finishes/treatments can be made aiming on improving the specific visual aspects.

Control and permanent monitoring throughout the production process is performed to obtain a quality product and minimize defects.
Finish and Packaging
In this sector we carry out a review of all parts, using industrial laundries when dealing with washed parts.

Product sizes are controlled and all the packaging process is performed under supervision, ensuring that the visual aspect of the product corresponds to customer specifications.
In this sector we try to have each and every product, properly packed, wrapped and labeled, to be quickly dispatched, either by air, land or sea.

We maintain permanent contact with various logistics operators, so that you can find in each moment the best condition of price/quality/transit time, seeking to ensure that all products are delivered to the customer/end recipient in the best condition.

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